Cangaroo Chrono solution for small businesses in Canada

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Cangaroo CHRONO

Our time-management and attendance software gives managers an essential tool to view salary-related activities in real time, while planning tasks with more precision and productivity.

CangarooChrono allows you to manage your payment cycles from the moment your employees start work to the moment they get paid. Our solution helps you control your workforce costs, optimize HR and reduce double data-entry errors. All this in real time!

With CangarooChrono you can finally increase profitability by knowing where the opportunities are to increase efficiency. Remember: you can only improve what you can measure!


CangarooChrono is an effective and reliable method to collect all information related to hours worked. With it, you can

  • Control workforce costs
  • Reduce time spent on payroll tasks
  • Reduce data-entry errors and make more accurate payments
  • Give your teams performance indicators in real time
  • Improve the management of over- or understaffing

Cangaroo HR Solution


Time Sheets

The traditional method of adding up employees’ hours was cumbersome and time consuming. Our solution makes a leap forward by giving each time-sheet a numerical value that follows an automatic internal hierarchy and transfers those hours to your payment system in just one click.


Schedule Management

Our solution simplifies scheduling tasks by providing you with a variety of schedules and enabling you to automatically duplicate rotating or repeating schedules. Whether through the portal or by email, your employees instantly receive their schedules.


Schedule Planning

CangarooChrono helps you balance staff availability and business needs with ease. Thanks to our data-filter, you can now plan schedules in real time according to location, department, activity, etc.


Compliance and Management of Exceptions

Our solution helps you monitor and apply changes in company rules (e.g. the calculation of bonuses) and provincial employment rules and regulations thanks, in part, to a simple and flexible configuration.


Requests for Time-off

This function gives autonomy to employees, thereby promoting a smoother flow of the request and approval process throughout your company’s various hierarchies and departments.


Methods for Time Entry

A variety of methods are available for automatic recording of hours worked: electronic timestamps, magnetic cards, the internet, etc. It’s a powerful, practical system regardless of the number of employee schedules.



Our price list is simple and straightforward. There’s just one installation cost. Try our calculator.

2 – Paying Option

How are Prices Calculated?

It’s very simple: Prices are based on the number of employees.

Regardless of which hour-tracking method you use, there is a single installation fee and one rental price for the electronic timestamps plus a fixed monthly fee per user (try our interactive calculator for an immediate overview of monthly fees).

Note: There is no basic fee if you have more than 20 employees. The rate is $3 per month per employee. If you have fewer than 20 employees, the monthly cost of the software is a set-price of $60, excluding rental fees for timestamps.

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