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Discover the advantages of our Cangaroo HR, Cangaroo ATS, Cangaroo CHRONO and Cangaroo TALENTS software

Cangaroo HR

Human Resources Management Software

Cangaroo HR is a human resources management system designed to reduce time-consuming administrative tasks.  Whether it be employee records, payroll and social benefits information, training, performance evaluation, new employee integration or fully customized reporting, all aspects of your HR department are covered by our HRIS.

Cangaroo CHRONO

Hours and Attendance Management Software

Cangaroo CHRONO does all the heavy lifting for you. Our platform provides you full control of your pay cycle as well as powerful tools to allow you to manage employee presence and schedules. CHRONO is designed specifically to help reduce labor costs and reduce the probability of human error caused by doubled-up data entry.

Cangaroo ATS

Applicant Tracking System

Cangaroo ATS allows you to manage applicants using a database that is both completely intuitive and tailored to your business’s needs. You’ll be able to quickly view all candidates applying to open positions within your organization as well as easily publish your job offers on a variety of platforms in just a few clicks.

Cangaroo TALENTS

Competency and Performance Assessment Software

Cangaroo TALENTS is the ideal tool to identify which employee competencies are critical to the success of your organization. The platform also provides simple, user-friendly and performing tools to assess and develop your employees.


The power of our solutions lies in the centralization of a wide range of HR information, compatibility with popular payroll software and easy processing. 

Portals Accessible
to Everyone

Three levels of access adapted to HR managers, supervisors and employees to facilitate communication within your teams.

Centralized Database

Connects all employee-related files: hiring, performance evaluation, benefits, training and overtime.

Reports & Performance

Generate statistics and comparative analyses in just a few clicks. CangarooHR features everything you need to make the best operational and strategic decisions.


CangarooHR solutions are compatible with popular payroll systems. Hours worked and group insurance premiums are easily transferred to your existing payroll system.

Employeur D Compatible CangarooRH


PAYWEB Compatible CangarooRH


Avantage Compatible CangarooRH


Cytronics Compatible CangarooRH


Nethris Compatible CangarooRH


maestro technologies


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