Transform your employee experience by simplifying HR management.


We specialize in employee benefits & groups savings as well as designing HR software. For us, one cannot exist without the other.


To become world-class employee benefits & group savings consultants in Canada and considered a staple when Canadian small and medium businesses think about HR software.

Our offering

We offer products and services that help you focus on what’s most valuable to you: your employees.

  • Take advantage of our employee benefits and group savings services.
  • Manage applications in just a few clicks (Cangaroo ATS)
  • Centralize all the information about your employees (Cangaroo HR)
  • Manage timesheets with our online punch clock (Cangaroo CHRONO)

Our history

Bernard Dupuis contacts David Théberge, his childhood friend. He wants to start his own group insurance firm and invites David to join him to go into business together.

David is very enthusiastic about the idea, but he wants to expand the financial services proposed by Bernard. For him, it’s out of the question to sell Excel spreadsheets to his network of clients. David believes that the solution for standing out from the competition is to offer free HR management software when clients subscribe to their insurance and group annuities program. They therefore decide to create their first software: CangarooHR.

Since they have no knowledge of software development, they call on Lee McDonald, who becomes the third co-founder of the business, and IT & Development Director.

The business model connecting insurance and group annuities with HR software development has therefore existed since the very beginning.

Our growth

Although the name “Cangaroo” was determined in April 2015, it wasn’t until the month of August of the same year that the company was officially established.
In December 2015, the website was launched. In 2016 and 2017, the growth was explosive: we had to expand the team at all costs! In December 2017, the company served over 130 clients and had 10 permanent employees.

In 2018, a second workspace became available for the whole technology team, in Montreal. The future of Cangaroo is promising, because you help make it better. It’s thanks to your trust that we can create more powerful software to help you in your daily tasks.

Want to take your HR management to the next level?

Our team

Stéphanie St-Amand

David Théberge

Lee McDonald

Bernard Dupuis

Nicole Tellier

Anderson Grey Garcez

Dave Dostie

Denys Foster

André Paquet

François Pesant

Rosalie Bouchard

Jonathan Hamel

Annabelle Lepage

Patricia Bilodeau

Sarah-Eve Patry

Hugo Morin

Chrystiane Gaudet

Philippe Martel

Chantal Berger

Sophie Ferrandino

Karine Simard

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