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Cangaroo Talents

Employee Performance Assessment and Competency Development

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Cangaroo TALENTS

Cangaroo TALENTS is the ideal tool to identify which employee competencies are critical to the success of your organization. The platform also provides simple, user-friendly and performing tools to assess and develop your employees.

Cangaroo TALENTS includes:

  • A fully customizable repository of 44 basic competencies
  • 4 categories
  • 3 proficiency levels for each competency

Competency and Performance Assessment

With a competency profile, you can measure an employee’s performance based on the key criteria for the position. This is an opportunity to provide employees with feedback in terms of what is appreciated in their work and what needs to be improved.

With Cangaroo TALENTS, you can assess your employees based on the competencies required for their respective positions.

Proficiency levels provide supervisors and employees with a clear definition of what is expected of the employee.


Competency Development

Further to the assessment, employees may need to improve certain competencies. With Cangaroo TALENTS, you can create an Individual Competency Development Plan (ICDP) for each employee. Practical actions are proposed for each defined competency to help managers and employees develop the ICDP.


Career and Succession Management

With the competency profiles, you can easily identify the members of your organization who could eventually fill a key position or detect a vacancy. These individuals could be selected based on their current competencies and their potential to develop in line with the key position’s competency profile.


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  • Maintenance-free technology (no IT infrastructure required).
  • Improved employee performance and competencies
  • Easier assessment process for managers
  • Less time spent on planning and coordinating training
  • Increased organizational performance and employee engagement
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How are fees calculated?

It could not be simpler: fees are calculated based on the number of employees. Try our interactive calculator to get an instant snapshot of the cost.

Note: There is no base fee and the monthly rate is $4 per employee. If you have less than 25 employees, the monthly fixed cost is set at $80.

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