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EVO.K.E Competencies Cards

Create your competency profiles

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Create your competency
profiles with the
EVO.K.E Competencies Cards!

The convenient EVO.K.E Competencies Cards provide for easy creation of competency profiles, while fostering cooperation and making it fun! Each Competencies Cards deck includes:

  • One rule card
  • 3 cards representing the levels of importance
  • 16 cards for intellectual competencies
  • 10 cards for emotional competencies
  • 9 cards for managerial/strategic competencies
  • 9 cards for interpersonal competencies

Increase organizational performance  and employee engagement

Cangaroo TALENTS – EVO.K.E is designed to increase organizational performance and employee engagement through improved competency management. Although many competencies may be important for your organization’s performance, you will get a superior return by investing in the most essential competencies.

The competency-based approach is a strategy consisting in consolidating several activities into a set of competencies under a given competency profile. These competencies are related to knowledge, know-how and life skills.





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Cost: $75 per deck, taxes and shipping included.