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Cangaroo HR is the ideal tool for consolidating all your personnel information. Our experience and observations have guided its design to fully ensure your role as an HR advisor.

Stop shuffling paper and dealing with multiple Excel files and get back to doing what you do best: managing your human resources.

Cangaroo HR automates administrative tasks, improves the validation process and promotes better internal communication through its portals.

A dashboard and customizable alerts help optimize the management of HR activities within your company. Cangaroo HR helps you see further to become a visionary in your organization. Take a leap forward.


  • Maintenance-free technology (no IT infrastructure required).
  • Fast integration into your existing payroll systems.
  • Automatic electronic transfer of information to others internals & externals systems.
  • Fully modular adaptable portals (HR managers, payroll administrators, supervisors, employees).
  • Simplification of the employee on-boarding process.
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Management of Group Insurance

Gain peace of mind. Our software provides up-to-date rates and calculates premiums with or without salary changes. Electronic transfers to insurers are done automatically.

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Management of Training and Skills

Training-management is now easy and enjoyable with CangarooHR: work history at your fingertips and an ideal management of budgets and permits, all with improved compliance thanks to its reminders and reports.

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Career Management

CangarooHR helps you improve your career-management advice by quickly aligning an individual’s goals and expertise with corporate goals and potential.

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Management of Performance Evaluations

CangarooHR makes it easier to align the activities of employees with your company’s goals in this important feedback exercise, optimized with the 360◦ evaluation to provide a better assessment of your teams’ strengths and weaknesses.

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Requests for Time-off
& Accurals

The management of time off is equally important as the management of hours worked. Our human resources software reduces time spent managing multiple files. It enables employees to register their requests for time off through the employee portal.

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Management of Expense Accounts


Electronic applicant tracking system (ATS)

A turnkey solution that facilitates the management of the entire recruitment process. It’s a highly useful tool if you post on multiple employment sites in your search for candidates.


How are fees calculated?

Simply put, our monthly fee is calculated based on the number of employees.

Try out our interactive pricing calculator to instantly know the cost for you.

Note: The monthly cost is $5 per employee plus $ 25 base fees. If you have less than 25 employees, the monthly cost is fixed at $150.

*Additional fees may be charged for additional, optional modules such as the career manager and the CNESST manager. An evaluation of needs must first be done to determine if any implementation and training fees must be charged.

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