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Skills and training management software online

Management of Training and Skills

Whether one-time or ongoing, employee training is a valuable component of your company, one that adds real value to your work force. Good management tools are, however, of the utmost importance.

Our HR software centralizes training activities to improve employee performance and ensure sound management of operations while complying with employment laws (e.g. Law 90, CNESST training, etc.).


  • Quickly provides training history
  • Enables better planning of needs and budgets
  • No more forgetting with automatic reminders
  • Current and accurate registry of skills
  • Generates an annual report to comply with training laws


Included in the solution

CangarooHR Solution

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The power of our solutions lies in the centralization of a wide range of HR information, compatibility with popular payroll software and easy processing. 

Portals Accessible
to Everyone

Three levels of access adapted to HR managers, supervisors and employees to facilitate communication within your teams.

Centralized Database

Connects all employee-related files: hiring, performance evaluation, benefits, training and overtime.

Reports &
Performance Indicators

Generate statistics and comparative analyses in just a few clicks. CangarooHR features everything you need to make the best operational and strategic decisions.