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Complaints and disputes processing policy

This policy aims to ensure adequate, uniform and diligent processing of complaints. It is intended for clients of the financial services firm. We are committed to handling any complaint with integrity and respect while respecting our corporate values.

Purpose of the policy

The complaints and disputes processing policy aims to establish a fair, transparent and free procedure to handle complaints received by Services Cangaroo inc. It also aims to support the quality of services and to offer everyone the opportunity to express their dissatisfaction.

Responsible for processing complaints and disputes

Bernard Dupuis is responsible for receiving the complainant’s complaints and concerns with the Autorité des marchés financiers (AMF). He also makes sure that the firm’s employees are trained and informed with a view to the proper application of this policy. His contact details are as follows:

Bernard Dupuis

Phone: 450-500-0458


Definition of a complaint

For the purposes of this policy, a complaint constitutes the expression of at least one of the following three elements:

  • A reproach against the company;
  • The reporting of potential or actual harm that a consumer has suffered or could suffer;
  • A request for corrective action.

Does not constitute a complaint, any informal approach aimed at correcting a particular problem, whether written or not, insofar as the problem is regularized within the framework of the regular activities of Services Cangaroo inc. and without a written complaint having been lodged by an individual.

If you have a concern regarding one of our products or services, we invite you to contact your representative or our customer service by phone at 450 ‑500-0458 #210 or by email at

How to file a complaint?

If you remain dissatisfied with the result after communicating your dissatisfaction with your representative or our customer service department, we invite you to file a formal complaint. This complaint must be submitted in writing to the attention of the complaints and disputes manager at the following email address, requesting an acknowledgment of receipt: For all postal correspondence, please contact us at this same email address and we will provide you with the address to use.

We invite you to use the complaint form prepared by the Autorité des marchés financiers Complaint form ( to ensure that your request is complete. However, the use of this form is not mandatory as long as your request includes the following elements: your contact details, your file number (depending on the case may be : account number, customer number, contract number or other), the reasons for your complaint, giving as many details as possible, i.e. the reproach against Services Cangaroo inc., the potential or actual harm and the corrective action requested. Please also attach to your complaint any relevant documents in support of your claim.

Complaint process

  • The manager receives your written complaint and opens a separate file. In accordance with our confidentiality policy, we are committed to treating the personal information contained in your file in a strictly confidential manner in compliance with the Act respecting the protection of personal information in the private sector.
  • He then sends you an acknowledgment of receipt of your complaint by secure email within five (5) working days of receipt.
  • The person responsible for handling complaints and disputes then gives a copy of your written complaint to the office manager of the financial services firm.
  • It carries out an in-depth investigation and ensures the fair handling of the complaint within 60 days of receiving all the information necessary for its study.
  • Throughout the process, the complainant is kept informed of developments in his case.
  • Once the complaint has been examined and the analysis completed, the manager sends the complainant a final, written and reasoned response, which he sends by secure email.

Content of the complaint file

Each folder includes:

  • The name and contact details of the complainant;
  • The complainant’s written complaint, including the elements of the complaint;
  • Reproach against the firm or the representative;
  • Actual or potential harm;
  • The corrective action requested;
  • The result of the complaint handling process (analysis and supporting documents);
  • The final response to the complainant, written and reasoned.

Process for transferring the complaint file to the AMF

If, at the end of the 60-day period for obtaining a response, the complainant is not satisfied with the result of the handling of his complaint or of the handling itself, he may request in writing from the firm to transfer his case to the Autorité des marchés financiers (AMF). You can reach the Autorité des marchés financiers (AMF) by calling the toll-free number 1 877 525‑0337, in Quebec city at 418-525-0337, or in Montreal city at 514-395-0337. You can also consult their website at

Other informations

For more information about our complaint and dispute handling process, contact us at .

Version 1 – April 2023