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Online performance evaluations management software

Management of Performance Evaluations

Foster more engaged, motivated and productive employees through good preparation and the diligent management of performance evaluations. CangarooHR makes it easier to align your employees’ activities with company goals in this important feedback exercise.

Everyone in your company will have a better understanding of what’s expected of them and what they can expect of you. It’s the best way to help them move forward.

CangarooHR integrates the 360° evaluation, a process that gathers multiple viewpoints on specific behaviours and evaluates them in relation to the values and strategies of your company. The 360° evaluation can also be used in management development programs.

In just a few clicks, you can create performance evaluation forms based on the criteria of the job, its required skills and your company’s objectives.


  • Reduces the time required for performance evaluations thanks to electronic forms
  • Provides flexible and easy-to-change evaluation tools (e.g. number of questions, scales) and keeps them up-to-date
  • No more forgetting with CangarooHR, reminders are planned
  • Helps supervisors in their employee evaluations
  • Puts responsibility in the hands of your employees by including them in the process


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Cangaroo HR

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The power of our solutions lies in the centralization of a wide range of HR information, compatibility with popular payroll software and easy processing. 

Portals Accessible to Everyone

Three levels of access adapted to HR managers, supervisors and employees to facilitate communication within your teams.

Centralized Database

Connects all employee-related files: hiring, performance evaluation, benefits, training and overtime.

Reports & Performance Indicators

Generate statistics and comparative analyses in just a few clicks. CangarooHR features everything you need to make the best operational and strategic decisions.