Employee’s life insurance solution

Life insurance

With group insurance plans companies can often make life insurance mandatory. Life insurance offers guaranteed protection to your employees, their partners and their children.


  • Allows employees to be insured without any mandatory medical testing
  • Group life insurance is simpler and less onerous to administrate than individual protection

Life insurance options

Employee Life insurance

In the case of employee death, financial protection will be provided for a specified amount of time.

Life insurance for dependents

Life insurance for dependents offers protection in case of the death of a partner and/or of the children of the employee

Mandatory Life insurance

Mandatory Life insurance allows employees to take out an additional group life insurance. Partners and children qualify for this protection if the employee is enrolled in the program.

Accident insurance

Accident insurance allows for fixed amounts to be paid in case of serious injury sustained by an employee such as loss of hearing or vision. It also allows for one to double the amount of life insurance payout in case of accidental death.


Included in the solution

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