Employee’s group health insurance solution

Group health insurance (health care)

Health insurance provides complementary coverage to current government health care plans. Whether it’s medication, medical care costs or eye exams, providing medical coverage to your employees reduces their worries.
In general, health insurance plans cover significant medical expenses such as paramedical services (chiropractors, massage therapists, podiatrists, etc.), eye examinations, hospitalization in a twin room, nursing care, ambulance services and medical devices. In Québec, health insurance coverage must include medicines covered by the public prescription drug insurance plan (RAMQ).

Travel Insurance

Travel insurance as part of group insurance provides permanent coverage for stays outside your province of residence. Group insurance can also offer travel cancellation or interruption insurance. This is very useful for your employees who travel regularly.


  • Povides a more complete and less costly protection than that offered by the Quebec public Health plan (RAMQ)
  • Maintains employee productivity while accessing quality care
  • Maximizes employee compensation
  • Offers complete and easy to understand protection when travelling outside of the province


Included in the solution

Group Benefits

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