Employee’s disability insurance solution

Disability Insurance

No one is immune to the dangers of a broken wrist or professional burnout during their career. Salary insurance therefore allows your employees to heal without financial worry. For either short-term or long-term disability, employees will receive a portion of their salary while they are incapacitated.


  • It provides peace of mind to your employees as they are automatically insured without medical testing
  • Subscribing to group salary insurance is easier than getting individual protection
  • Cost savings. Offering group disability insurance is more economical than offering individual protection
  • It optimises an employee’s compensation as payments are not taxable

Salary Replacement Insurance

Short term disability insurance

Short term disability insurance allows the employee to receive a portion of their salary in case of sickness or an injury. The amount paid out to the employee represents a percentage of their weekly salary.
Short term salary replacement insurance usually replaces the benefits from Employment Insurance.

Long term salary replacement insurance

Long term salary replacement insurance provides for the payment of a salary when an employee must miss work for an extended period due to illness or injury. The protection of the public plan of the Quebec Pension Plan (Régie des Rentes du Québec) covers only permanent disabilities and is the sole source of income for the employee.


Included in the solution

Group Benefits

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