More and more human resources management solutions are appearing on the market. HRIS, HRPS and ATS systems are the most common ones.

What do all these terms mean? What type of HR software does your business truly need?


HRIS: Human Resources Information System

HRIS and HRMS solutions allow you to perform the majority of your day to day tasks when it comes to managing your human resources department. You can view employee profiles, upload any relevant legal documents, manage vacation requests, yearly evaluations, upcoming training and employee skills among many others.


HRPS: Human Resources Payroll System

An HRPS is basically an HRIS with added payroll-related functionalities. Instead of using two separate environments to accomplish these tasks, all operations can be performed on the same platform.


ATS: Applicant Tracking System

The more common, English version of the French term SIGT. It is more often seen as ATS (Applicant Tracking System) rather than its French equivalent.

This type of application differs from HRIS systems. ATS platforms are tailor-made to help you manage potential candidates. It allows you to view your list of current candidates and their relevant information, post job offers on various online job markets and also offers statistic tracking among many other things.

While you may automatically assume that the most complex tool on the market is necessarily the best one for you, choosing the best HR management software for your needs will save you both time and money.